Residential & Commercial Electrical Services in Carthage, MO

Electrical ServicesAt Norbury Electric, our electricians offer a wide variety of electrical services. As electrical rewiring service experts, we specialize in serving both business and industrial clients throughout Carthage, Jasper County, Kendricktown, Joplin, and Morgan Heights, MO. Our capabilities range from simple LED retrofits to complex new installations of varying scope and size. And, no matter what type of work we’re doing, you can be sure it’s being completed to the highest quality and safety standards.

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  • Commercial Electrical Services:: Call on us for commercial electrical services, no matter the size of your building or its electrical system needs. Our workers in Carthage, MO take pride in delivering a full range of commercial services, including problem diagnosis, interior/exterior lighting, generator installation and service, thermal imaging inspections, and more.
  • Industrial Electrical Services:: In addition to being qualified industrial electrical specialists, we’re also certified in millwright services! We’re adept at handling your large machinery needs, as well as general electrical services for your facilities. We’re experienced with millwright services and machinery, including a spectrum of maintenance for augers, feed bins, mixers, and other equipment.
  • Residential Electrical Services:: We’re available for new construction projects, whole-home electrical rewiring, LED retrofitting, breaker upgrades and more! Our capabilities also enable us to tackle projects both indoors and out, to ensure your development’s or home’s electrical needs are being met. Our team is available for service calls, upgrades, service restoration, installations and more, and we bring with us the highest standards of safety and quality!

Electrical Rewiring
There’s no electrical problem too big or too small for us to tackle and no task we shy away from—we strive to perform the full gamut of electrical services!

Electrical Rewiring, Millwright Services, & More

We’re more than just industrial and commercial electrical specialists. We also put tremendous emphasis on preventative maintenance. Through thermal imaging and routine inspection, we help our customers save money and prevent headaches by identifying and solving electrical problems before they arise.

For more information about our team of qualified electrical rewiring service experts and how they can assist you in keeping your commercial, industrial, and residential electrical systems in top functional condition, please contact us in Carthage, MO at 417-358-4388.

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